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About Us

When Savile Row meets Neapolitan Tailoring

The Vitale & Amlani fashion house is the brainchild of Neapolitan Fashionista Valentina Vitale, and retired Professional Golfer Faiyaz Amlani. Together, the two have combined their life’s knowledge and experiences in efforts to curate a collection of the finest garments using only the highest quality British and Italian fabrics, for both Men and Women. Born in Napoli, Italy, Valentina has an extensive history and education within the fashion industry and has developed a beautiful and unique approach to modern womenswear. Having grown up in Italy, and spending a large portion of her life in New York City, Valentina studied and worked for some of the biggest fashion houses in the industry providing her with a certain flare and style that can be seen directly within the garments she creates.

Faiyaz Amlani is a retired Professional Golfer, who is also trained on London’s famed Savile Row for many years, specialising in the make and manufacturing of the finest British made tailoring. Although injury brought an abrupt end to his golfing career, it didn’t keep him from pursuing his passion in Menswear. The essence of Vitale & Amlani is derived from a combination of traditional Savile Row tailoring methods, whilst incorporating a Neapolitan sense of style and flair. Components such as the “tulip” patch pocket, bordered lapels, and “spalla camicia” are all derived from beautiful Neapolitan tailoring, but put together using traditional English methods originating from Savile Row. These aspects can be seen throughout both the mens and womens collections.

Vitale & Amlani have both been fortunate enough to visit a large part of the world. Their travels and experiences from beautiful places and cultures are conveyed to their clientele directly through the garments they create. In fact, every collection that Vitale & Amlani produce is inspired by a particular region of the world in which they have both visited. The Vitale & Amlani collection is entirely Made in Italy by the finest artisans the country has to offer. Every individual client has the opportunity to further personalise their very own Vitale & Amlani garment by monogramming the Buttons, Buckles, along with hand embroidering the handmade Pocket Squares. The amount of handwork and attention to detail within the Vitale & Amlani collection is second to none as the quality and craftsmanship can be seen at first glance. We invite everyone to enjoy the Vitale & Amlani collection.


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